In the field of Fans & Blowers, We try to become the world’s top leader

Since established in 1983, Kyungjin Blower has put our best efforts only into the production of fans and blowers. With self-developed skills and techniques, most of the production lines including molding, assembly and performance testing are processed internally for all of the following products: Standard Fans and Blowers, Blowers for HVAC system and KTX(Korea Train eXpress), Welding Fume Precipitators, Roof Fans, Air Curtains etc.

In recognition of our contribution for localizing spare parts which resulted not only cost savings of the national project but also industrial development in our society, Kyungjin Blower has been awarded with Silver Tower Industry Medal and Transport and Maritime Affairs Award.

Kyungjin Blower was never satisfied with the nation’s No.1, and we have constantly focused on the business innovations and R&D. As a result, overseas market shares have been increasing at 10% every year across 14 countries including Canada, Japan, China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Brazil since the achievement of a million dollar export award in 2013.

The value and new management of Kyungjin Blower is to provide better quality-products at competitive prices, making the customers be more satisfied. Moreover, through the development of eco-friendly, high-efficiency, and energy-saving products, we aim to meet the needs of the sustainable society and provide proactive solutions to environmental changes.

In the future, as the World’s Top Leader in the field of fans and blowers and as the most reliable partner to the customers, we will always try our best to grow together with our society.

Thank you.